A change of mind, a change of culture; neuroscience in marketing research


Graham Page talks about the adoption of neuroscience in marketing research: Here

The section in the article that particularly interested me was on cultural acceptance of neuroscience – how clients from different cultures are buying different types of neuroscience more readily. And how different types of neuroscience are more useful in different markets, because of the cultural constraints consumers live within.

This only gained a passing mention in the article, but this area appealed to my sense of curiosity.

The example mentioned that consumers from an Asian culture prefer viewing an advert where celebrities succeed, rather than laugh at their failure; as failure isn’t appealing, while success is. But Asian consumers maybe too polite to point out that the loss of face suffered by the celebrity (in a humorous way to Western consumers) means this ad does not appeal to them; a shortcoming of conventional research surveys.

However while Asian consumers might not be prepared to say this in a survey, neuroscience is able to gauge what aren’t saying but what they are feeling – identifying the flaw in the appeal of the advertising.

One Response to “A change of mind, a change of culture; neuroscience in marketing research”

  1. 1 Lorna

    This would definately be appealing to try in Asia as during my time there the girls in the office loved talking about what disasters had befallen the local celebs! I am sure there is plenty of digging to do to unearth their real thoughts and feelings towards the use of celebs in advertising.

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