Forget Hopes For The Apple iPhone 5 This Year, Prepare For The iPhone 4+


After the anti-climax that was the launch of iPad 2, Apple look set to walk the same path by launching a somewhat improved, but little different, new iPhone this year.

There is some debate over the nomenclature; will it be named the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4GS? But as details for the new smartphone leak out, we’re provided an increasingly clear indication that we should prepare for an improved iPhone 4, rather than a new generation of iPhone in 2011.

There is a lot of commercial sense in extending the life of each product within their ability to generate revenues. But part of the excitement surrounding the Apple brand is built upon the release of new products that are both innovative and demonstrably superior from competitors.

With the release from competitors of multiple smartphones running Android Gingerbread (v2.3), with powerful processors and cameras and 100,000 Apps, over recent months, the gap between Apple and Android smartphones has closed. Yes the Apple iPhone is still cool, but it is also now commonplace and overpriced.

As retailers have struggled to keep the iPad 2 in stock since it’s launch, I’m sure Apple’s product roadmap is commercially correct. But will Apple still be the number 1 brand (according to BrandZ Top 100) over the next 5 years, if they slow down their pace in demonstrating leadership, innovation and difference?

Launch of the new improved iPhone 4S is still rumoured to be scheduled for September.

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