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Imagine if a small aircraft so efficient it uses only a third of the fuel associated with modern planes. By harnessing the lift generated by flying close to the surface of the ocean, flying boats, called WIG’s (Wing In Ground), are able to travel at 200KMPH and up to 150m above the sea-level with low […]

HTC, the brand that has established its place firmly among technophiles, compared to the design and fashion conscious Apple iPhone owners, has hit some legal problems. While HTC have focused on Android, the open sourced smartphone operating system. Apple successfully challenged 2 patent infringements by HTC in the courts in the last week. The two […]

Fans of Harry Potter will remember Errol the accident prone owl. The BBC reported the story of an owl flying into a window recently and leaving a remarkable silhouette outline smeared on the glass. Apparently owls produce a fine powder that protects growing feathers, called powder down. This transferred to the glass as the owl […]

Dwell capture examples of modern playscapes: Here

According to Pew Research 25% of Smartphone owners in the USA now mostly access the internet via their mobile. Read more: Here

Interesting research from Google / Keller Fay has indicated the role of Word of Mouth for consumers, and that 93% is still conducted face-to-face, rather than via social media. Read more at Conversation Agency: Here