Apple iPhone 4S just announced


Well, it took a month longer than expected, but the new iPhone is about to launch. As reported on this blog, it’s not going to be an iPhone 5, but an updated iPhone 4 – the iPhone 4S. As predicted on 16th May 2011 (Here), it’s an improved product, like the iPad 2 was, rather than a new product.

The key question of pricing is still unclear as I type this an hour after the launch event.

But other details for the product have been released and are broadly inline with the expectations: A5 processor (from the iPad 2), the improved camera (8mp), the larger storage memory option (64mb). Importantly the aerial, which was a common problem for the iPhone 4 at launch 14 months ago, has been reworked – so the iPhone should be a better mobile for calls.

It’s a fraction slimmer and weighs in at 140g. It ships with iOS5 and iCloud, both of which will be interesting in the way the enhance usability and access to your media.

Read more info and specs: Here


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