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TechCrunch have published some Comscore data that compares Facebook and Twitter, among others, to the new kid on the social media block, Google+. Google+ had a respectable 66 million unique visitors last month. While this may fall well short of the 150 million some forecasters were speculating, it’s still early days for Google’s site. Like […]

An interesting piece of research on the size of the audience currently using apps on Apple iPhone and Android smartphones, split by country: Here Tech Crunch have added some commentary for the data.

Michael Schrage blogs his innovative ideas for 2012 in full: Here 1. The Slacktivism Co-Opt As much a term of derision as global sociological phenomenon, slacktivism has emerged as social media’s way of making support for a cause as easy as a re-tweet or clicking Facebook’s “like” button. Critics insist that this “path of least […]

David Armano’s 6 predctions for social media in 2012 in full: Here In summary: Convergence Emergence. For a glimpse into how social will further integrate with “real life,” we can look at what Coca Cola experimented with all the way back in 2010. Coke created an amusement park where participants could “swipe” their RFID-equipped wristbands […]

An interesting HBR article on how language reveals a lot about the speaker or writer: Here