SpaceApes™ in pre-launch phase for apparel range


The SpaceApes™ characters have appeared on a range of clothing for kids and parents this December.

The SaceApes™ brand brings to life a story within each picture on the apparel, using fun ape characters that drive a space exploration narrative for kids.  The idea was originally based on the truth that people first sent animals to explore space, before they sent human astronauts.  The first monkey was launched in a V2 rocket by the USA in 1948, with a second monkey successfully reaching space in 1949.

The SpaceApes™ include 3 chimpanzee characters; a boy called Astro, a younger ape called Cosmo, and a girl called Stella.  They have adventures as they prepare for, take part in, or return from, missions riding rockets into space.

I believe a range of story books are being prepared for publication that feature the SpaceApes™ and their adventures.

The SpaceApes™ clothing is sold online:

The SpaceApes

The SpaceApes


Astro from SpaceApes

Astro from SpaceApes


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