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Anyone who has bought a new mobile phone, only to find out there was a problem with it, may sympathise with Apple’s woes on product quality.  But whereas consumers may have a mixed reception when they try to return a faulty mobile.  Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partner, Foxconn in China, appear to have been more flexible with their […]

Someone important at Microsoft has realised that Windows 8 really isn’t what people want.  So prepare for an update to Windows 8.1; this may just possibly be nearly be as good as Windows 7.  Go figure. When it launched in October 2012, I had to wonder if Windows 8 had been sponsored by joint funding […]

News of the new MW4 FPS game, to be called Call of Duty Ghosts, has been leaked today after it was temporarily referenced on a retailer’s website. More news will follow in May 2013 about the launch later this year.  

Apologies I’ve not posted here in several months. What have I been up to? I joined MESH Planning in November 2012.  Outside of my busy day job, I’ve also been working on several new strategic planning tools and presentations. I also run the Twitter feed for Plannersphere ( and this account now has 1,200 followers […]