Windows 8.1 – Return of the Start Button


Someone important at Microsoft has realised that Windows 8 really isn’t what people want.  So prepare for an update to Windows 8.1; this may just possibly be nearly be as good as Windows 7.  Go figure.

When it launched in October 2012, I had to wonder if Windows 8 had been sponsored by joint funding from all the rival programmers who work on Apple OS, Linux and Google Chrome?  As the Microsoft OS sure gave lot of people cause to consider switching to an alternative rather than stick with Microsoft.

What was particularly strange with Windows 8 was that it was optimised for touchscreen, but launched in the lengthiest recession  in decades; when fewer businesses and consumers were interested in replacing laptops and desktop computers to take advantage of touchscreen.  So the new Windows OS was optimised to perform best through functionality most users have never experienced even 6 months after launch.  That’s thinking so far ahead of the curve, in hoping to meet a future demand, that its merit remains questionable.  This primary benefit, that was meant to deliver modern sizzle to Windows, remains largely unused.

Windows 8 is also overtly consumer orientated, not appealing to corporate customers (I’ve not noticed it offering any efficiency savings or benefits over Windows 7 or XP; in speed of operation, simplicity, file size requirements, compatibility or stability).   It really only make sense on touchscreens and tablets.  But when you also consider that Microsoft’s rivals in the tablet OS space control the market, with devices shipping with sales share at 48.2% (Apple)  to 43.4% (Android) in Q1 2013; who is demanding a tablet with Microsoft OS?

The Windows 8.1 update is likely to remove the App Ribbon and bring back the Start Button.  Maybe the past is the new future for Win OS?  Perhaps one day Windows 9 will bring back the simple, relatively unbloated, functionality of Windows XP?

Windows XP

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