Microsoft confirm Windows has the Blues


Following up on my post in April, Microsoft have announced that Windows 8 will be revised.  The news is catching up  with the views again, as many tech commentators have voiced their concerns since the launch of Windows 8 seven months ago.  Hopefully the update from Microsoft will address consumer concerns about the ribbon interface, lack of a start button and desktop on boot up and hiding commonly used features under layers of the current interface.

Microsoft Blue will be named Microsoft 8.1.

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By co-incidence today, my sister asked me to recommend a new laptop that had Windows 7 installed, instead of the less user friendly Windows 8 interface.  Rather than suggesting she install this £50 copy of  Windows 7; I may wait and see if Microsoft have been brave enough to admit their mistake and revert to a Windows 7 style user interface in Windows Blue.  If not, the past will be the choice for the foreseeable future.

Some blues to accompany the Microsoft news:

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