The SpaceApes™ characters have appeared on a range of clothing for kids and parents this December.

The SaceApes™ brand brings to life a story within each picture on the apparel, using fun ape characters that drive a space exploration narrative for kids.  The idea was originally based on the truth that people first sent animals to explore space, before they sent human astronauts.  The first monkey was launched in a V2 rocket by the USA in 1948, with a second monkey successfully reaching space in 1949.

The SpaceApes™ include 3 chimpanzee characters; a boy called Astro, a younger ape called Cosmo, and a girl called Stella.  They have adventures as they prepare for, take part in, or return from, missions riding rockets into space.

I believe a range of story books are being prepared for publication that feature the SpaceApes™ and their adventures.

The SpaceApes™ clothing is sold online:

The SpaceApes

The SpaceApes


Astro from SpaceApes

Astro from SpaceApes


People Tweet to inform, share & connect with their extended community of contacts.  But ultimately for self-affirmation; harvesting evidence they exist & matter to others.

Boundaries exist in order to be pushed.  Conventions demand to be broken.


Sometimes quotes from long ago have an amazing connection to the modern business world.

The quote below is from Gaius Petronius Arbiter (c. 27 – 66 AD) who was a  Roman courtier during Nero’s reign:

“We trained hard … but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into legions we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.”


A very interesting story in BrandRepublic: Here

The BBC are set to allow programmes to be downloaded from BBC iPlayer to Apple  iPads, iPhones and iPods.

The quality of BBC content will enrich media portability and eventually extend to Android slates and mobile phones too.


The article from Brand Republic mentions:

Programmes will be available for up to 30-days after they have been downloaded, or within seven days of being watched.

Users can have the option of downloading multiple programmes, depending on the storage size of their device.

The service is currently only available on Apple devices. The BBC said it will roll it out to Android devices “soon” but has not given an indication of timings.


The Apple Store already allows BBC and other TV programmes to be purchased outright.  While movies maybe purchased, or only rented with a time expiry cap.

The trend for unchaining media content, allowing more flexible viewing within consumer controlled time, location and device, has been fuelled by recent tech advances.  Both in high speed networks (broadband, wireless and mobile) and smart devices that work more reliably and display content better.

With price points dropping significantly for smartphones and slates in the last two years, the financial costs associated with being able to access and view huge digital content files has lowered for many consumers.   Free BBC content will further augment the available digital content library of Apple, providing another great reason to purchase their products; including the new smaller 7″ iPad and the new iPhone 5.

Android powered slates and devices will eagerly want to offer this BBC service.  Particularly in the run up to the festive season sales.


iPhone 5

The above link to the video provides a physical comparison between iPhone 5 and the current 4S.  Launch date rumours range from 13th to 21st September 2012.

The new 16×9 longer format widescreen and new power cable connector are both confirmed in the video.  The processor and new smaller sim size remain persistent speculation; but the 1 GHz dual-core processor in the iPhone 4S has been eclipsed by competitors in recent months.

The battery charge life remains a weak spot for many smartphones, particularly those with larger screens.  So the move to a larger screen on the iPhone 5 will hopefully be accompanied by one similar to the more powerful batteries that have recently started to appear in devices from Samsung and HTC.

The camera is rumored to remain at 8mb, but with an improved aperture.  This may marginally help reduce thickness of the device  (less than 1mm).

The fragile glass back housing of the 4S appears to have been replaced with aluminium.

In just a few days, the truth will be out there.

View on Slideshare: Master of Storytelling

This resource provides advice on storytelling theory, as well as lots of links and examples to help you become better at presenting information or proposals.

Storytelling makes presentations more memorable, it provokes discussion and primes your audience to act upon your recommendations.

Or download here: Masters of Storytelling August 2012

Ecce Homo was originally painted in just 2 hours in 1910 by Elias Garcia Martinez.

This week news broke that a woman in her 80’s had tried to restore it to it’s original glory; to a catastrophic result.

Ecce Homo

Within 24 hours digital copies of other art works are staring to surface on the net, featuring the revised face of Christ.

Leonardo DaVinci Last Supper Restored

The digital graffiti is fun,  but I can’t help preferring the originals.

Fonejacker and Facejacker from Hat Trick and Channel 4

Enjoy the clip from Moira’s:

Moira on Fonejacker


Reminder: Social Event June 2012

AMV have created an engaging series of ads in a new TV campaign Doritos nachos.

The idea is beautifully captured in one copyline in the ad, when the touring mariachi band explain they ‘bring the party to the party with Doritos.’

Enjoy the ads on YouTube: Here

Sales for the iPhone 4S push Apple into the global major league for mobile phone sales volume in the first quarter of Apple’s financial year.

The sales trend also clearly shows the dip in sales of the current main model in the quarter before each new product is launched (3G, 3GS, 4G, 4); as consumers anticipate the new product’s arrival. 

Data is published by Apple quarterly and located on Wikipedia: Here

The product launch quarters are as follows:

Original iPhone Q3 2007

3G Q4 2008

3GS Q4 2009

4 Q4 2010

4S Q4 2011

A good infographic from Time Out, May 2012: Here


BBC iPlayer link to the Radio 4 programme that discusses the 12″ vinyl single; this music format peaked in popularity back in the 1980’s: Here

The programme is hosted by Paul Morley and features contributions by Trevor Horn, Peter Hook and Peter Saville.

Social Media explained, by Three Ships Media, with donuts.