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An excellent piece written by Dave Trott appeared in Campaign today. The article asks the question “what do you use for fuel; what motivates you to perform in your career?” ¬† The example was taken from Peter Mead, of AMV fame in UK advertising. In his biography Peter Mead talks¬†about his first job. He was […]

FIVE have picked up the ABC series FlashForward in the UK (thank you Dawn Airey). It’s an enjoyable show that has the critics in the States raving. The acting talent on-hand are excellent and the series pace is less frantic or cryptic than Lost, but still enjoyable. The cast is headed by Joseph Fiennes and […]

An interesting article from the Advertising Research Foundation’s 55th Anniversary conference HERE, courtesy of It discusses the need for market research to stop asking consumers to over-analyse issues and instead place greater emphasis on recording a more natural consumer response. Such as recording what people actually do, rather than what they say they think. […]



Something worth taking a look at. Bloguerrilla is an Italian blog for ambient media, guerrilla stunts, experiential events and advertising in a viral vain. Whilst unfortunately I don’t speak Italian, I do read ideas and this blog captures lots of them. The YouTube video promoting what the blog covers: HERE The link to the site: […]

Forecasts and analysis on the recession are being avidly sought at present. While the commercial environment has of course changed in the last decade, with the growth of digital retailing and social networking a possible key difference from earlier times. I was very interested to read the information below from McGraw Hill that examines trends […]

Thanks to Dominique Poncin for a wonderful quote from Banksy: