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Over the last few years several innovations have suggested light may be generated for buildings or streets through man-made power. The child’s see-saw designed to power schools in Africa, or the street lighting (mostly ambient or art installations) readily come to mind. But another use for pedestrian power, where human movement is used to generate […]

Jellio, the designers behind the Gummi Bear lamp and lots of fun home and office furnishings have added some more design work to their site. Take a look: HERE As well as selling designer furniture and household accessories to the public, they also take on bespoke design briefs for companies. Take a look at some […]

The University of the Arts in London, known as St Martins, has an intersting mix of post-grad courses for communication design, innovation management and creative practice for narrative environments: HERE

Pod Design


I still very much like the pod design at Sketch in London. I recommend a visit.

Having worked in design agencies and been involved in the design of packaging, I admit to having a soft spot for those who are able to encapsulate and express a brand through great design. Being able to capture a brand with simplicity, distinction and impact isn’t easy. Expressing a design effectively on small items is […]

Over the weekend I’ve been sorting through a small design library. It’s been a case of weeding out the tired and weak examples, while reminding myself of the great and good in product and environmental design. Some of the quotes and work examples I re-discovered in the collection of books and articles brought a smile; […]