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Spotify today opened their free digital music streaming service to all UK web users. Previously users needed to supply friends with an invite to register for ad-funded Spotify, but now the door is open to all for this freemium service. The ad-free Unlimited service is available to UK listeners at £4.99 per month. While the […]

The Obama camp famously embraced social media in helping build the support that led to victory in their Presidential campaign. But the newly installed team in the White House soon found out that when you invite people to tell you what they think, their thoughts may not be quite what you had in mind. One […]

An interesting article on best practice in mobile crowd sourcing from Global Intelligence Alliance: HERE

Nokia unveil the digital campaign that allows consumers to participate in SMS messaging onto the world’s largest signpost. See the video: HERE

Interesting trivia list from Adam Woods in Revolution Magazine. Link: HERE 1. The Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) launched in 1969 as a forerunner to the web. 2. The Arpanet was devised as a response to the Russian launch of the Sputnik in 1957. 3. UCLA programmer Charley Kline sent the first electronic message, […]

An interesting article on BrandRepublic: HERE Internet media spend has finally taken the lead over TV media i nthe UK. This, in part, has been because of the decline in TV ad spend this year. I wonder how much the media value will be for ads shown on video on-demand, online and mobile TV channels […]

You know you’ve been working too many hours on a digital project when you catch yourself emailing a producer the line: ‘I wish real life could be in higher resolution.’

Another good article in Marketing Week. But as the blighters cut their page links occasionally, I’ve copied the article below, as well as letting you click through to it: HERE This time it’s very personal 28 May 2009 | By Morag Cuddeford-Jones Smart Technology, such as that which allows online retailers to sense when a […]

An interesting digital opportunity has been launched by CBS this month. Where iPhone owners in the UK will be able to move, zoom and rotate the content displayed on digital posters, on certain sites set up to operate as part of a new interactive poster network. Read the article in Campaign magazine: HERE