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Anyone who has bought a new mobile phone, only to find out there was a problem with it, may sympathise with Apple’s woes on product quality.  But whereas consumers may have a mixed reception when they try to return a faulty mobile.  Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partner, Foxconn in China, appear to have been more flexible with their […]

A very interesting story in BrandRepublic: Here The BBC are set to allow programmes to be downloaded from BBC iPlayer to Apple  iPads, iPhones and iPods. The quality of BBC content will enrich media portability and eventually extend to Android slates and mobile phones too. _________________________________________________________________ The article from Brand Republic mentions: Programmes will be […]

Gartner have published a forecast of smartphone device sales up to 2015 that indicates a continuing trend of market share growth for the Android operating system. The forecast asserts that Android will be pre-installed on just under 50% of all smartphone devices by 2012; as the os spreads down the price chain to feature on […]

Another step forward in portable neuroscience equipment, as the Mynd headset device from NeuroFocus works with an iPhone or iPad. Details in Fast Company: Here

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A designer in Shenzen, China, has created an adaptor for the Apple iPod Touch that turns it into a mobile phone; providing many iPhone features at a fraction of the price for iPod owners. Read the full story: Here While the iPod Touch has less RAM memory than a true iPhone, the functional and financial […]

Well yes, there have been some interesting leaks. A lost product found in a bar in the US, as well as chassis parts made in SE Asia vodcast from Portugal. All cloak and dagger stuff amid much media speculation. But in just under an hour Steve Jobs is due to unveil the new Apple iPhone […]

My client has announced that they have now sold over 100,000 iPhones in the first 8 days since their launch on the network in the U.K. Read more: HERE

David Katz, vice president of the Americas at Yahoo Mobile in California provided some interesting info today on Mobile Marketer in the US. While announcing that Subway, Toyota and Blackberry have bought the mobile phone ad inventory for the NFL season across all of Yahoo’s various fantasy football platforms. He also discussed how he believes […]

Vodafone UK have today announced they will sell the iPhone from 2010. Interestingly they will position the device as more of a customer retention tool, than a business acquisition winner. This makes sense in light of O2 and Orange also having the product prior to Vodafone UK. The BBC reported the news this morning: HERE […]

An interesting digital opportunity has been launched by CBS this month. Where iPhone owners in the UK will be able to move, zoom and rotate the content displayed on digital posters, on certain sites set up to operate as part of a new interactive poster network. Read the article in Campaign magazine: HERE