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View on Slideshare: Master of Storytelling This resource provides advice on storytelling theory, as well as lots of links and examples to help you become better at presenting information or proposals. Storytelling makes presentations more memorable, it provokes discussion and primes your audience to act upon your recommendations. Or download here: Masters of Storytelling August 2012


Marketing isn’t like the other departments operated by companies. Unlike finance, customer service, manufacturing or IT, the work output of marketers is often far more difficult to measure, replicate to continuous effect, or even evaluate. Making the value of marketing more variable. Some would describe it more like an art than a science. Marketers aren’t […]

What is it about China that let’s it overshadow India in the minds of so many Western journalists and marketing commentators at present? I recently took a look at some of the socio-economic trends in China, here are some of the findings: Today China’s children are born into a country that is radically different to […]