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Gartner have published a forecast of smartphone device sales up to 2015 that indicates a continuing trend of market share growth for the Android operating system. The forecast asserts that Android will be pre-installed on just under 50% of all smartphone devices by 2012; as the os spreads down the price chain to feature on […]

eMarketer reports actual adoption of Twitter in the USA from 2009 and forecasts pattern of gorwing adoption through to 2013 HERE. eMarketer estimates that 20.6 million US adults will access a Twitter account at least monthly in 2011, up 26.3% from 16.4 million last year. Growth will continue in the double digits through 2013, when […]

A designer in Shenzen, China, has created an adaptor for the Apple iPod Touch that turns it into a mobile phone; providing many iPhone features at a fraction of the price for iPod owners. Read the full story: Here While the iPod Touch has less RAM memory than a true iPhone, the functional and financial […]

An interesting article on best practice in mobile crowd sourcing from Global Intelligence Alliance: HERE

Rudy De Waele has trawled through the topic of Mobile Trends to capture the views of a number of consultants and commentators. Read his presentation on Slideshare: HERE His blog, m-trends, is: HERE