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Top 25 ranking of the finest smartphones currently available in Europe Each total score is shown as a Percentage (%).  Each smartphone was reviewed against 10 criteria, with each criteria scoring a possible 1-10% toward the total final score of up to 100%. The top performers all scored very closely together, but for slightly different brand, design […]

An interesting piece of research on the size of the audience currently using apps on Apple iPhone and Android smartphones, split by country: Here Tech Crunch have added some commentary for the data.

HP saw their future in Palm Palm had a track record of quality smartphones using their webOS and bet the farm in developing the Palm Pre range. While critics loved them, consumers gave them a tepid response and Palm achieved only a 1.5% global market share in 2009; posting a financial loss for 11 straight […]

According to Pew Research 25% of Smartphone owners in the USA now mostly access the internet via their mobile. Read more: Here

Nokia’s new CEO, Stephen Elop, has clearly flagged the difficulties faced by the brand in a leaked internal memo Here. The scale of the decline in market share has been accute over the last 3 years, dropping from 38% market share in 2009 to 28% in 2010 alone according to IDC. Apple, Blackberry, HTC and […]

According to new research from mobileSQUARED and Lightspeed Research UK smartphone users are almost 3 times as likely to access the mobile Internet regularly as non-smartphone users. The figures from the new consumer survey show that 30.7 percent of UK smartphone users access the mobile Internet a few times a day or more in comparison […]