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Social Media explained, by Three Ships Media, with donuts.

David Armano’s 6 predctions for social media in 2012 in full: Here In summary: Convergence Emergence. For a glimpse into how social will further integrate with “real life,” we can look at what Coca Cola experimented with all the way back in 2010. Coke created an amusement park where participants could “swipe” their RFID-equipped wristbands […]

Ad Age indicate the Brands with the highest ad spend in 2010, by category. Along with useful social media performance tables: Here

Malcolm Gladwell has been saying some interesting things on the role of social media networks in the recent social uprisings in the Middle East. Broadly his thinking seems to downplay the role of social media in driving social change. Gladwell vs. Twitter: Here Gladwel vs. Facebook: Here While I admire the compelling way Malcolm Gladwell […]

An interesting article from Becca Caddy, posted on Reputation Online: HERE Visit their site for links to the source of each prediction Becca has kindly summarised. 5th January 2011 1. Social search Bing and Google have been experimenting with the potential of social search and this will only continue into 2011. However, in 33 Digital’s […]

Read more about it: HERE

McDonald’s prepare to embrace Socialnomics. Reported on Thinktank Media: Here Presentation on Slideshare: McDonald’s Serves Up Social Media

A low key, but real-world, example of how a business that followed Twitter users was able to reward a customer for recommending them. The word of mouth value continues, even with this post. Thanks to Karl at for spotting the example. 3 weeks ago I noticed Stephen Fry (707,000 followers on Twitter) tweet that […]

Eric Qualman launches his new book, Socialnomics, later this month. The book explores the surge in adoption of social media activity amongst consumers. Whilst the examples mix pop-psychology with some truly interesting statistics (and few that need source clarification); I’m looking forward to reading the book. The video promo is: HERE (forgive the Fatboy Slim […]

Some everyday, innocuous, things sometimes take on a life unto themselves. Take the sale of this PlayMobil toy on Amazon as an example: A small group of like-minded people with an off-beat humour have created a series of posts taking a shot at the issues surrounding airport security, terrorism and educating children. Read through the […]