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Active storytelling is a cornerstone of publishing, advertising ad digital creative agencies; increasngly a consistent and growing part of the communication platform of successful brand’s. The Periodic Table of Storytelling provides an framework for thinking about storytelling. experience it: Here TBWA have kindly pointed me the direction of The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to […]

From memory the new Agency BEING has roots in the UK with a number of previous Omnicom acquisitions, mergers and rebranding exercises. Start with Option One (a sales promotion agency with some DM) and merge this with GGT Direct; creating Option One/GGT. Then take Tequila and merge this with Payne Stracey, making the inevitable Tequila […]

Absolut Anthem


An enjoyable TVC dramatising the brand thought and product ingredients that go into making Absolut. TBWA\ are clearly still able to make this brand compelling.