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An interesting article on BrandRepublic: HERE Internet media spend has finally taken the lead over TV media i nthe UK. This, in part, has been because of the decline in TV ad spend this year. I wonder how much the media value will be for ads shown on video on-demand, online and mobile TV channels […]

Interesting stat from Google Internet Stats: A reported 28% of TV viewing time by UK broadband users (aged 16-55) is now on demand (either recorded for later viewing or using an on-demand TV service or watched on the Internet). Source: TNS/YouTube Media & Audience Study (broadband users aged 16-55), December 2008

One TV programme that I’ve never missed an episode of is Lost. It’s a series that some avoid, perhaps because it lacks a linear approach to the multiple narratives unfolding within the programme. But I find the series a near-obsession. Sales of DVD’s remain strong and iTunes sell a healthy volume for each episode. There […]