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People Tweet to inform, share & connect with their extended community of contacts.  But ultimately for self-affirmation; harvesting evidence they exist & matter to others.

eMarketer reports actual adoption of Twitter in the USA from 2009 and forecasts pattern of gorwing adoption through to 2013 HERE. eMarketer estimates that 20.6 million US adults will access a Twitter account at least monthly in 2011, up 26.3% from 16.4 million last year. Growth will continue in the double digits through 2013, when […]

I took over the running of the Plannersphere wiki back in May last year. This is a wiki about account planning, with content from planners and contacts for planners; blogs, twitter feeds, strategy events and things planners generally find interesting. It was set up by Russell Davies, but he is a busy guy and hadn’t […]

Interesting stats for Twitter from Raffi Krikorian: Here Including this summary of how Tweets flowed during the recent World Cup.

Twitter Venn


Martin Bailie at Glue introduced me to this interesting app. It searches for mentions of 2 or 3 words you wish to compare on Twitter. The app then plots the frequency of the words and the overlap between them being mentinoed within the same Tweet. The results appear as both as a Venn Diagram and […]

As Twitter approach the 1 billion SMS Tweet level per month, from its 105 million registered users; the company today announced the acquisition of Cloudhopper for an undisclosed sum. Twitter have worked with Cloudhopper for nearly 9 months, using the service to grow faster and develop connections with mobile networks worldwide. The acquisition will see […]

A new report from RJMetrics has indicated 83% of Twitter accounts were inactive in December 2009. While Twitter is still attracting around 6.2 million new users each month, the report also found that 80% of Twitter users had Tweeted fewer than 10 times. Let’s hope the inactive accounts belong to those who only Tweet the […]