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A very interesting story in BrandRepublic: Here The BBC are set to allow programmes to be downloaded from BBC iPlayer to Apple ┬áiPads, iPhones and iPods. The quality of BBC content will enrich media portability and eventually extend to Android slates and mobile phones too. _________________________________________________________________ The article from Brand Republic mentions: Programmes will be […]

Fans of Harry Potter will remember Errol the accident prone owl. The BBC reported the story of an owl flying into a window recently and leaving a remarkable silhouette outline smeared on the glass. Apparently owls produce a fine powder that protects growing feathers, called powder down. This transferred to the glass as the owl […]

The BBC Trust has given the green light, with some parameters, for Project Canvas to proceed. The project puts together a partnership of UK broadcasters, internet, teleco and entertainment businesses. The project will create an open, internet-connected, television platform built on common standards by the United Kingdom’s terrestrial broadcasters BBC, Channel 4, ITV plc, Five […]