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TED – Rory Sutherland    

As you would expect Rory Sutherland’s presentation at TED is witty, erudite, it contains interesting references and there’s even a couple of pithy G.K. Chesterton quotes. TED is all about great ideas that are worth spreading. Rory, vice-chair Ogilvy Group and current president of the IPA, has more than most worth hearing. ‘We are perishing […]

Whilst at least one early edition newspaper in London (Metro) changed it’s front page from reporting the death of one celebrity (Farah Fawcett) to another (Michael Jackson) today. My interest was in how quickly the news of Michael Jackson’s death would spread digitally. By 8am Twitter was all a flutter, in fact as I type […]

Rory Sutherland is a very nice man. I once had the pleasure of working with him on a brief for BT at Ogilvy One, way back in the Mesolithic period (before Web 1.0). One of the pleasures of Facebook is the unexpected way you get caught up in the online activities of friends and Facebook […]