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My iPod tries to count the tracks I’m playing while commuting each day. The list is no where near as varied as my Last.FM radio station, but it gives you a flavour of what I’ve been listening to. The playist count below is a little suspect, but the tunes are frequently listened to.

Here is the list of the top 101 music artists I listen to, according to Last.FM.

Spotify today opened their free digital music streaming service to all UK web users. Previously users needed to supply friends with an invite to register for ad-funded Spotify, but now the door is open to all for this freemium service. The ad-free Unlimited service is available to UK listeners at £4.99 per month. While the […]

Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel and Richard Jones launched Last.FM, an internet radio platform, back in January 2002 from a living room in East London. In 2007 they sold Last.FM to CBS and by April this year the service had played over 1.8 billion tracks – just for the top 40 alt-rock acts alone. Unlike some […]

I’ve just done a quick check of the podcasts I listen to, as I’m sure I’ve subscribed to more than I actually use. It appears I listen to the following ones regularly, all were downloaded from iTunes: – In Our Time, BBC Radio 4 – TEDTalks – Audio and video presentations from the annual Technology, […]



I’ve just updated my music section, but it just reminded me that I haven’t sang the praises of Last.FM anywhere near enough. This is, quite possibly, my most used digital app that doesn’t relate to work. Below is a snippet from my updated list of the top 50 groups / artists / composers that I […]