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FIVE have picked up the ABC series FlashForward in the UK (thank you Dawn Airey). It’s an enjoyable show that has the critics in the States raving. The acting talent on-hand are excellent and the series pace is less frantic or cryptic than Lost, but still enjoyable. The cast is headed by Joseph Fiennes and […]

Dawn Airey has called for a alliance between UK terrestrial TV channel operators in order to help secure viewers through a shared streaming video platform. Read the coverage of Dawn Airey’s speech at the Future of Broadcasting Conference held in London yesterday. I find myself in agreement, with the hope that Channel 4 and ITV […]

I was very surprised that the FT left such a significant fact out of its front page coverage of Dawn Airey’s move back to FIVE as CEO today. Only a couple of months after she was promoted to the ITV board. I’m sure I heard Michael Grade had prohibited any lunches being claimed on expenses […]