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The University of the Arts in London, known as St Martins, has an intersting mix of post-grad courses for communication design, innovation management and creative practice for narrative environments: HERE

Michael Maddock introduces, in a few sentances, his thought that innovations need to be nurtured. This excerpt was recorded at The Future Trends Conference. Link: HERE Read more at his blog: HERE

“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.” Wilbur Wright (1867 – 1912) From the invention of powered flight, commencing with the first manned flight made by the Wright Brothers in 1903; it took mankind only 66 years to fly so far we could land on the moon and return […]

Here’s an interesting spot by Steve Hall on Adrants. As you know the Zimbabwean economy is in meltdown and sadly the currency is now near-worthless. The Zimbabwean is a popular newspaper in Zim and is also distributed in other countries. At home it has been hit by a 55% luxury tax by the government, pushing […]