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A good example of a viral short that provokes a positive response from kids, but a more mixed response from adults.

Cute idea from Spanair Shame the brand name sounds like Spanner to my jaded English ear.

See the video: HERE

A wonderful viral from CCCP for Hi-Tec.

An interesting digital campaign has launched from DDB and is generating some buzz around viral films posted on YouTube and at a microsite for VW. The premise of the campaign is that if you make things more fun, it’s easier to change people’s behaviour. While I love the the work and the idea alot; I’m […]

Whilst at least one early edition newspaper in London (Metro) changed it’s front page from reporting the death of one celebrity (Farah Fawcett) to another (Michael Jackson) today. My interest was in how quickly the news of Michael Jackson’s death would spread digitally. By 8am Twitter was all a flutter, in fact as I type […]