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An interesting piece of research on the size of the audience currently using apps on Apple iPhone and Android smartphones, split by country: Here Tech Crunch have added some commentary for the data.

HP saw their future in Palm Palm had a track record of quality smartphones using their webOS and bet the farm in developing the Palm Pre range. While critics loved them, consumers gave them a tepid response and Palm achieved only a 1.5% global market share in 2009; posting a financial loss for 11 straight […]

According to Pew Research 25% of Smartphone owners in the USA now mostly access the internet via their mobile. Read more: Here

Read the full story from the Wall Street Journal: Here Excerpt: By ROBERT LEE HOTZ Apple and Google may be intensifying privacy concerns by tracking where and when people use their mobile phones—but the true future of consumer surveillance is taking shape inside the cellphones at a weather-stained apartment complex in Cambridge, Mass. For almost […]