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TechCrunch have published some Comscore data that compares Facebook and Twitter, among others, to the new kid on the social media block, Google+. Google+ had a respectable 66 million unique visitors last month. While this may fall well short of the 150 million some forecasters were speculating, it’s still early days for Google’s site. Like […]

HP saw their future in Palm Palm had a track record of quality smartphones using their webOS and bet the farm in developing the Palm Pre range. While critics loved them, consumers gave them a tepid response and Palm achieved only a 1.5% global market share in 2009; posting a financial loss for 11 straight […]

Interesting research from Google / Keller Fay has indicated the role of Word of Mouth for consumers, and that 93% is still conducted face-to-face, rather than via social media. Read more at Conversation Agency: Here

Tech Crunch story: Here

It looks like the recent unnamed Google Doodle logos were promoting the official launch of Google Instant Search. A useful function, but one that I got used to so quickly that I stopped noticing it was there in recent weeks. Anyway, Google have a version of Instant Search working on mobile phones now too apparantly. […]

The Google Doodle logo is fun today, a collection of coloured balls animate and interact with the mouse cursor. But what is the occasion? A Google launch perhaps? My son thinks it’s celebrating ‘Back to school day.’

Microsoft created something right with Bing; a search engine that finds what you search for and does look great, because of its background images. The launch of Bing was quite a coup for Microsoft, because they hadn’t performed well in the search engine space, but started to gain some traction with a clearly differentiated product. […]