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TechCrunch have published some Comscore data that compares Facebook and Twitter, among others, to the new kid on the social media block, Google+. Google+ had a respectable 66 million unique visitors last month. While this may fall well short of the 150 million some forecasters were speculating, it’s still early days for Google’s site. Like […]

HP saw their future in Palm Palm had a track record of quality smartphones using their webOS and bet the farm in developing the Palm Pre range. While critics loved them, consumers gave them a tepid response and Palm achieved only a 1.5% global market share in 2009; posting a financial loss for 11 straight […]

Interesting research from Google / Keller Fay has indicated the role of Word of Mouth for consumers, and that 93% is still conducted face-to-face, rather than via social media. Read more at Conversation Agency: Here

Tech Crunch story: Here

It looks like the recent unnamed Google Doodle logos were promoting the official launch of Google Instant Search. A useful function, but one that I got used to so quickly that I stopped noticing it was there in recent weeks. Anyway, Google have a version of Instant Search working on mobile phones now too apparantly. […]

The Google Doodle logo is fun today, a collection of coloured balls animate and interact with the mouse cursor. But what is the occasion? A Google launch perhaps? My son thinks it’s celebrating ‘Back to school day.’

Microsoft created something right with Bing; a search engine that finds what you search for and does look great, because of its background images. The launch of Bing was quite a coup for Microsoft, because they hadn’t performed well in the search engine space, but started to gain some traction with a clearly differentiated product. […]

Google have joined in the 30th Anniverary celebrations for Pac-Man today, with an interactive rich media version of their logo on the UK search engine page. It’s the first time I’ve noticed the Google logo become interactive. The load time is optimised and the game play seems smooth and in keeping with the original feel […]