FlashForward – FIVE select a great series from the makers of Lost and 24


FIVE have picked up the ABC series FlashForward in the UK (thank you Dawn Airey). It’s an enjoyable show that has the critics in the States raving.

The acting talent on-hand are excellent and the series pace is less frantic or cryptic than Lost, but still enjoyable.

The cast is headed by Joseph Fiennes and the show shares some talent from the Lost team. But you will also spot faces from ER, Numbers, Enterprise etc. over coming weeks.

This series is fully loaded with skilled writers, directors, cameramen, stunt people etc. that you’ve probably seen great work from before (Go Brannon Braga! – 24).

The series has played its first few episodes in the UK, but if you are quick, you should catch Episodes 1 – 4 online at Demand Five: HERE

This is going to be the third TV series I only watch on PC. How do we sort out the advertising attribution better for this way of viewing TV? It’s not digital advertising as standard TVC’s are pre-rolled. I’m sure Tess Alps is wiring up better measurement tools to my machine as I type and will be reporting TV advertising online better pdq.

FIVE seem to have signed up X-Box 360, BT and Kinder Bueno amongst other advertisers, while Blackberry have sponsored the show here in the UK. I await the Blackberry App that ties in with FlashForward in some clever manner.


3 Responses to “FlashForward – FIVE select a great series from the makers of Lost and 24”

  1. 1 Marsala

    Thanks for this! I hope you have a awesome week!

  2. 2 Flashforward_FIVE

    Glad you enjoy the show… it’s back now on FIVE making Monday nights more interesting again!
    We saw your post and thought we’d drop you a comment to let you know we have a FlashForward facebook page if you want to become a fan:
    We’re also running a competition at the moment where you can win £2,000 of Trailfinders vouchers – all you have to do is create your own Flashforward.
    Hope you enjoy next week’s episode.

  3. 3 giula dalle luche

    best program in a long time why is being axed? how is possible? dont people in the states like a bit of mild stimulation?

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