David Bailey on TV advertising


David Bailey on TV advertising










I remembered the above quote from David Bailey and thought you might like it too.  David Bailey also describes himself as an advertising amateur, because he has only worked on around 600 ads – including quite a few TV ads.  A nice touch of self-deprecation.

The above quote on TV is a little cheeky, as he is, but as a photographer he certainly brings an interesting perspective to creating TV advertising.   I must remember this quote when I next hear an advertising agency creative team complain at being restricted to ‘only having 30 seconds.”

The quote is taken from his BBC Radio 4 interview on Desert Island Discs from 1991.  When the Beeb kindly opened their back-catalogue for several programmes, it allowed me to listen to some very interesting people that I’d missed when the programmes first aired.  Find someone you’d like to know more about through their Desert Island Discs interview here:

The Desert Island Discs Archive home page

The archive catalogue – this allows you search for people interviewed, their interests and specific music tracks selected.

The David Bailey interview






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