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Colin Firth is surely the most likely to win this evening, isn’t he? Best Actress, Natalie Portman. UPDATE – THE RESULTS ARE IN (and no big surprises really) Best Picture The King’s Speech Best Director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) Best Actor Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) Best Actress Natalie Portman (Black Swan) Best Supporting […]

Top 10 TV Ads


My personal favourite Top 10 TV/Viral Ads 1. Land Rover – Born Free 2. Honda – The Cog 3. Cadbury Eyebrows 4. John West Salmon 5. Pepsi – Kung Fu Crush 6. Yellow Pages – Aquarium 7. Orange – Orange Film Board Darth Vadar 8. Diet Pepsi – P Diddy Truck 9. 118118 – The […]

The top 100 web brands in the UK, based on unique visitors. Source: UKOM/Nielsen First published on

Following up on the Nokia news yesterday, the big reveal today is the new partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. Read more: Here Nokia developed their Symbian platform (the old Psion os warhorse) into a reasonably capable smartphone operating system. But Nokia were planning to progress into further development and adoption of their Maemo operating system […]

Nokia’s new CEO, Stephen Elop, has clearly flagged the difficulties faced by the brand in a leaked internal memo Here. The scale of the decline in market share has been accute over the last 3 years, dropping from 38% market share in 2009 to 28% in 2010 alone according to IDC. Apple, Blackberry, HTC and […]

The origin of Japanese Bento meals are linked to the Chinese and Japanese meaning of convenience. But the convenience meal has also spawned art forms, picture bento (Oekakiban) and character bento (Kyaraban). Fun or artistic pack lunches.

I’m a long standing BAPE fan. The coat, the trainers, the imagery. I get it, I wear it, I like it. But the brand has failed in it’s ambition. A Bathing Ape were the hot Japanese streetwear brand of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. But failed to move on over the last 5 years. They […]

Susannah York


The actress Susannah York sadly died last month from bone marrow cancer, age 72. She had appeared in TV since 1959 and in major movies from the 1960’s. A common theme in her work was that of challenging roles with difficult subject matter; often involving emotional termoil or conflicted relationships. Seeking out such parts, in […]

A re-run of the documentary ‘Peter Green: Man Of The World’ was aired last night on BBC4, and is available on BBC iPlayer this week: Here Green’s 60’s style blues was more emotive and laconic than that of Eric Clapton or John Mayall. For those who would like to hear a track from the British […]