Kiva: nothing is impossible


There are occasionally moments in life when one is simply left in awe. Like many I have contributed, in what seems an insignificant way, to the needs of several people through the Kiva charity in the last few months.

The Kiva charity is different in several ways:

– You choose the individual you are supporting and learn a little about their circumstance.
– Kiva provide micro-funding, the provision of a very small loan, that makes a big difference to the people they help.
– Kiva generally target women, as they are less likely to take the money and run. Instead, they support families and communities.
– Multiple donors provide the funding for each person requiring support and there is a tentative community spirit – you find out a little about the other people who are supporting the person you are also making a charity donation to.
– Donors generally have their money returned by the recipient after an agreed loan period (generally 1 – 2 years).
– You are encouraged to reinvest your donations, but the money you receive back is yours and you may withdraw it from the scheme once it is repaid.

I have never shed a tear while reading an email before, but today I found the news that Kiva posted on their website very moving. At least temporarily, there is no-one else available for donors to help. The recent, generous, response has overwhelmed the charity.

They will of course add new prospective loan recipients in the coming weeks. But the thoroughness and humility of Kiva ensure they only recommend individuals they believe will recognise the value of the commitment by the donors and repay them ASAP, so that others may also benefit.

Let us hope Kiva’s success and growth may continue to progress toward meeting the needs of others.

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