The Last Typewriter


The last typewriter manufacturer, Godrej and Boyce, has ceased production and closed the factory. While wordprocessors have replaced typewriters in most countries, a healthy trade still exists in typists in some markets, such as India; where it is still possible to hire a street typist to type a letter for you, using a typewriter.

When the typewriter was first marketed in 1873, salesmen needed an easy way to demonstrate the machine. The designer placed all of the letters of the word TYPEWRITER prominently on the top row of the letter keys, so that the salesmen could type out the word easily as a demonstration.

While most people may see the typewriter as a dinosaur of communications technology, the design and feel of the products often hold some aesthetic appeal. Although it’s hard to love the design of the one used by the novelist Philip K Dick, shown here.

Using a typewriter provides a hint at just how noisy an office typing pool must have been back in the day.

More info on the end of the typewriter: Here

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  1. 1 Joseph Carter

    Hi there, where did you get the first image of a Typewriter from in your blog post? Thanks very much, Joe

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