How does an agency come into BEING? Add a shot of Tequila.


From memory the new Agency BEING has roots in the UK with a number of previous Omnicom acquisitions, mergers and rebranding exercises.

Start with Option One (a sales promotion agency with some DM) and merge this with GGT Direct; creating Option One/GGT.

Then take Tequila and merge this with Payne Stracey, making the inevitable Tequila Payne Stracey.

Rename Option One/GGT as TBWA\GGT. And rename Tequila Payne Stracey as Tequila\London.

Then merge TBWA\GGT with Tequila\London, to make a bigger Tequila\London.

Finally, take Tequila\London, add London and you eventually get BEING.

I wonder if I missed a merger out?

Being London launches with around 50 staff. Good luck with the new agency Tim Bonnet.


2 Responses to “How does an agency come into BEING? Add a shot of Tequila.”

  1. 1 David Jones

    Actually you’re right up until your last merger…which should read as follows:

    Add TEQUILA\ London and AGENCY.COM to TBWA\ London and create TBWA\ Media Arts London. Then rename back to TBWA\ London. Then realise that the majority of your staff have left and you have run your digital offering into the ground. Panic. Call yourself a post digital agency. Decide that digital is the way to go – so take what remains of TEQUILA\ London and AGENCY.COM and put them back together as BEING, leaving TBWA\ London to do posters and TV again.

  2. 2 Brand Tao

    Thanks for the correction.

    Out of curiosity, did TBWA\ Media Arts London launch? Or was it stoppped when Tim left?

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