The Plannersphere Daily News Launches


I took over the running of the Plannersphere wiki back in May last year. This is a wiki about account planning, with content from planners and contacts for planners; blogs, twitter feeds, strategy events and things planners generally find interesting. It was set up by Russell Davies, but he is a busy guy and hadn’t time to manage the wiki.

The site now averages around 1,000 visits per month. Initially I concentrated on cleaning through the content and blocking the spam. This done, I introduced a Plannersphere Twitter Feed in June.

As there are now around 300 planners, agencies and researchers tweeting away that follow the Plannersphere Twitter feed, I decided to harness their tweet power yesterday by launching The Plannersphere Daily News.

The daily news feed will identify the top links posted in the tweets of these planners. It’s all run automatically by; so if you Tweet and have a good number of followers, you can create your own informed daily news site.

Thanks to Joo Teoh for putting me on to Hopefully the results will be worth a quick read each day – and the newspaper format for the content is easier on the eye than Twitter. It’s planning news crowd sourced from the most informed crowd in the Plannersphere.

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